7 reasons why you need to put up open-shelves

7 reasons why you need to put up open-shelves

You don’t realise how desperately you need to (or will want to) put up new shelves until you see how BEAUTIFUL and USEFUL good shelving can be!

  1. It forces you to de-clutter

Closed door cabinets make it so easy for you to buy anything off the supermarket shelves and hide them away until you use them, if you ever do, 10 years later. Open shelves make it easy for you to see what you have and keep things tidy and orderly.

2. Elegant storage

Instead of bulky cupboards, these fancy thin shelves add a little touch of Class. 

3. Show off your stuff

Don’t hide your unique collectibles inside the store room or cupboards. Put them out on display! Shelves can help to frame this display corner and make a beautiful centrepiece.

4. Even the craziest designs can be fixed up

Cloud-shaped shelf to store toilet paper? ‘Nuff said.

5. It just looks nicer

Adds a little aesthetics to your home for sure.

6. It can fit into any tiny corner

Shelves don’t have to take up a lot of space! Slip a corner-shelf in on the walls and clear up some countertop space!

7. It doesn’t even need wall space

They call them the floating shelves. Adds a little depth and character to the room, and works beautifully as a display shelf!


Yeah, time to get organised.


Do you know your curtains?

Do you know your curtains?

Your curtains help to frame your house. Not taking care of them might affect the overall ambience at home. Here are 2 very important things you need to know about your curtains:

  1. They are (actually) pretty dirty.

A lot of people ignore and neglect the curtains during their regular cleaning. What we don’t realise is that curtains are very good at trapping dust in the home, which can affect the health of family members, especially if they have asthma. This makes it a hotspot for germs to grow and may make you ill. Most of the time, it is sufficient to give your curtains a proper vacuum to get rid of the dust.



2. They need professional care for washing.

It’s unlikely that your curtains are going to survive a normal wash in the machine like the rest of your clothes. They need special attention. The first (and best) choice is to send it for professional cleaning. These people know exactly how to clean your curtains without damaging them. It is also probably worth the extra cost if it’s going to prevent you from having to buy new ones. Alternatively, you can try sending them for dry cleaning. This option is still a risk as incompetent companies may not be familiar with the appropriate moisture level required for unique curtain-types, which could lead to shrinking and tight creasing.