These 8 dogs have the (all too familiar) realest human lives at home

These 8 dogs have the (all too familiar) realest human lives at home

Number one human-like task: burning the midnight oil, working all night on their laptops just to finish that assignment. Slouch included.


That solid 20 minutes of daylight wasted on the phone with the bank having to solve a really unnecessary issue.


Of course, allocating time to fix the odd plumbing problems.


Probably diagnosed with Obsessive Coffee Disorder, hanging on with every #caffeinefix.


Definitely brought up with Disney values of, what was it, “wrinkle-free philosophy”?


Being so chilled out listening to music that they fall asleep due to severe sleep deprivation.


Once in a while, having a netflix movie night-in with their other doggy pals.


And on the rarest of occasions, the most obvious trait of a human-dog:

Lounging on the sofa and not having to do anything at all.




6 dogs you need that can actually help you clean the house

6 dogs you need that can actually help you clean the house

It’s that time of the week again. How am I going to finish doing the dishes, mopping the floors, cleaning the toilets, dusting the furniture and washing the laundry….

What if all we needed was an extra pair of paws? Select your helper:

  1. Laundry Dog


Provides top quality services for both top-loading and front-loading washing machines. Disclaimer: Not sure if able to separate whites from colours due to colour blindness. But still a great help.

2. Dishwashing Dog


Dirty plates and utensils guaranteed a thorough and generous wipe down with this great dishwasher. Not a trace of food will remain. Disclaimer: Noise rating may fluctuate – expect short spurts of barking sounds.

3. Vacuuming Dog


Cordless and able to target areas under low furniture/awkward corners. Most importantly, easily rechargeable with treats.

4. Mop Dog


Larger than other mop heads found in the market, with quality comparable to using premium microfibre mops. Expect a spotless, squeaky clean home over a game of “fetch”.

5. Dust-busting Dog


Our french maid comes dressed in a black with white trim one-piece uniform. Ooh La La, not another speck of dust will ever be seen.

6. Speed-Cleaning Dog


Most popular choice. Best for families that regularly engage in 10-minutes-before-guests-arrive mass clean-ups. Fully trained and certified in an elite shuttle run college – now a qualified master at tidying up under 5 minutes.


Warning: All helpers require adequate attention when off-duty and will not be held responsible for causing undying emotional attachment with family.