1. Dry dusting vs Wet dusting.

    Both dry dusting and wet dusting have their own benefits and drawbacks. Dry dusting is done with a dry cloth, feather duster, or microfibre cloth (very much like our favourite Magiclean duster wipes), where as wet dusting is, well, with dusting a wet/damp cloth. When you do dry dusting, dust is very effectively collected onto the cloth, but the loose dust on the surfaces of your furniture is likely to be shaken into the air. This would probably irritate your nose, and if you are asthmatic, be extremely uncomfortable. The dust in the air will also eventually settle somewhere else. Wet dusting, while it lowers the chance of having dust fly around in the air, the moist surface that is left behind after dusting attracts even more dust. Choose between these two options, one might just work better for your home!
  2. Remove carpeting – or if you can’t, vacuum it well and often.

    Carpets collect dust, which ends up as good breeding grounds for germs and dust mites, and can be laborious to clean thoroughly. We say ditch the carpets! Or clean damn regularly enough.
  3. Remove clutter from the floor
    Dust easily settles on them even if you’re cleaning around them. Best that you put these things away where they belong, and don’t leave them lying around
  4. Wash bedding and pillows regularly
    Dead skin cells and dust get collected on your bed so it is important to wash the sheets and take care of the mattress and pillows. Throw them in the washing machine and add baking soda along with detergent.
  5. Keep the humidity levels in your home between 40-50%
    This reduces static as this is likely to attract and trap dust, making it difficult to move and leave the room. Installing a dehumidifier could be useful for some people, but proper maintenance and upkeep to prevent mould from developing is important and could be a hassle.
  6. Use air purifiers in your room.
    Some people opt for HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) air filter that helps clean the air in the room. Be warned that ozone is released and could really affect those people with asthma. Alternatively, choose fan-powered cleaners instead.
  7. Try to keep pets out of the bedroom.
    Their fur carries dust and pathogens from outdoors, and having them snuggle up with you on your bed is going to be really bad for your health.

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