Never seem to know what to use to get rid of different types of stains? Here’s a compiled list of stains you may encounter and how to get rid of them!


Barbeque sauce: Cool water + vinegar + dishwashing soap

Blood: Salt+ Cool water

Charcoal: Cool water + dishwashing soap

Coffee: Vinegar + baking soda + vinegar again + wash

Crayon: Sprinkle with baking soda + rub with dry cloth

Grease: Salt + wash

Ketchup: Vinegar + dishwashing soap + wash

Make up: Makeup remover + dishwashing soap

Nail polish: Nail polish remover

Oil: Baby powder + dishwashing soap

Pen ink: Apply hairspray and let sit for a few minutes + rinse with warm water

Red wine: White wine

Rust: Vinegar or lemon juice


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